Reliable metal chimneys

Purpose: to remove the products of combustion from the combustion space to the atmosphere

Fuel: wood

System marking according  to EN 1856-1

Ø 115-150 mm,T600-N1-D-Vm-L20(050-100)-G100
T600⁰ C- maximum operating temperature

N1- natural draught

D- dry operating conditions

Vm- resistant to corrosion

G- resistance to soot fire

100 - distance to  combustible materials

Flue liner- L20-stainless steel  1,4301

Ø 115-150  mm - 0,5; 0,6; 0,8;1,0 mm

The outer pipe  stainless steel  1,4301

Insulation- injected mineral wool, thickness -50 mm.