Reliable metal chimneys

Why to become a sales partner?

We started production of metal chimneys 10 years ago. We manufactured, installed and improved the systems ourselves and always looked for mistakes and improvement or optimisation opportunities. Thanks to this work and efforts, the Sauresta we represent today was born.

We know very well every detail of our work area and so we can claim that Partner means trust and mutual understanding. We expressly say that, by inviting you to become our Partner, we undertake to create added value not only for the end customer, but also for you. You can be assured that as a Partner you will get our extensive knowledge, special financial conditions, trainings, stable flow of customers and many other things of great importance.

Where lies the difference between us and other players on the market? It is in the fact that we are simple, flexible, straightforward and, at the same time, we make no compromises in respect of quality, servicing and works. You can always feel confident that our products will be top-quality, and our promises and undertakings will be met timely and in the right way.

If you feel that our values are close to you and you would like to cooperate, please call or write directly to me, Saulius Čipkus. I am the founder and director of Sauresta Company and a specialist in my field, so I will always be glad to communicate with you. I will do everything I can to meet your expectations.

Best regards,

Saulius Čipkus

Sauresta UAB, Director