Reliable metal chimneys

The insulated triple-wall chimney system is designed to remove smoke from the heating installation into the atmosphere and to supply air to the heating installation to ensure the combustion process. This system is ideal for energy-efficient passive houses.

The triple-wall chimney system ensures the removal of smoke and the supply of air for combustion to the heating installation in single solution. The use of other chimney systems ensures air supply in other ways: directly from outside through a wall or by installing duct systems under the floor of the structure, which affected the energy efficiency and tightness of the building.

This triple-wall chimney system is designed for use in installations that use solid (firewood, wood pellets) liquid and gaseous fuels.

The triple-walled chimney consists of three pipes. The inner flue designed for smoke removal is made of 1.4404/316 stainless steel. The space between the flue and the inner pipe is filled with 25 mm thick, 180 kg/m3 blown-in mineral wool. The 25 mm space between the inner and outer pipes is used as a duct to supply the combustion air to the heating installation.

The inner and outer pipes and duct elements of the triple-wall chimney are made of high-quality stainless steel 1.4301/304. The outer chimney and duct pipes can be powder coated in black.

To ensure that the system is tight, the outer and air supply duct pipes in the connections are made using silicone gaskets.

During installation, the connections of the triple-wall chimney and air duct elements are secured with mounting brackets, which are packaged together with the chimneys and ducts. Chimney and duct elements can be made telescopic-type, which enables adjusting the length of the elements when connecting the installation.

When installing this system, a minimum distance of 80 mm from the surface of the chimney crossing the roof/wall structures must be maintained. High-quality permeation membranes are used to ensure the tightness of condensation or steam films used in roof or wall structures and at intersections with the chimney and are reliably adhered to them.

Special mineral wool supplied by the manufacturer of the system is used to eliminate cold bridges and as additional insulation for roof, wall or ceiling structures.

This system is featured by safety owing to a low level of heating of the outside of the chimney and is safe even in the event of accidental contact during a soot fire because the temperature on the outside of the chimney does not exceed 100°C.

The system is designed to operate in humid conditions (W), so high-efficiency heating equipment can be installed.

Purpose: to remove the products of combustion from the combustion space to the atmosphere
Fuel: oil, gas,solid
System marking according to EN 1856-1
Ø 80-300 mm,T600-N1-W-Vm-L50(050-100)-G80

T600⁰ C - maximum operating temperature
N1 - natural draught
W - wet operating conditions
Vm - resistant to corrosion
G - resistance to soot fire
80 - distance to combustible materials
Flue liner - L50-stainless steel 1,4404
Ø - 80-200 mm - 0,5; 0,6; 0,8;1,0 mm
Ø - 250-300 mm - 0,6; 0,8;1,0 mm
The inner pipe – stainless steel 1,4301
The outer pipe – stainless steel 1,4301
The outer pipe – painted stainless steel 1,4301
The pipe of the single wall air duct – stainless steel 1,4301
The pipe of the single wall air duct – painted stainless steel 1,4301
Insulation - injected mineral wool, thickness -25 mm, density 180 kg/m3