Reliable metal chimneys

Fluer liner L– 0,25 m

9.54 €

Purpose: to remove the products of combustion from the combustion space to the atmosphere
Fuel: oil, gas,solid (except fuel the amount of sulphur of which is ≥ 0.2% according to the mass) and solid fuel without not using peat and charcoal
System marking according  to EN 1856-2
(110x180; 110x220; 120x230; 120x240) mm, T600-N1-D-Vm-L20060-G
T600 C- maximum operating temperature
N1- natural draught
D- dry operating conditions
Vm- resistant to corrosion 
G- resistance to soot fire 
Flue liner-L20- stainless steel  1,4301
110x180; 110x220; 120x230; 120x240 - 0,6 mm

Possible modifications
9.54 €
12.72 €
13.70 €
14.44 €
All information needed for installing products and operation is at UAB "Sauresta" installation and operation instruction
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